In TDC Group we have decided to embrace digitalization and innovate the way we work. Divided into 4 Tribes with multiple ‘squads’ and ‘chapters’, we are able to create a user centric focus with a nominal distance between decision and execution. Each squad is essentially a larger development team split into smaller groups working within their Tribe on different products.

YouSee Digital First

Within our YouSee Tribe we are constantly developing with the end users in the forefront of our mind. Creating a best-in-class user experience for both new and existing customers through our online portal and mobile app. By allowing our squads to work on modern technologies and by embracing new innovative ideas, we are seeing quality outcomes across the tribe.

Business Digital First

The Digital Business Tribe has a prime focus on our B2B users with the same ideology, user centric development. In recent times we have seen a significant growth in this tribe from DevOps and Software Engineers to UX Designers and Agile Coaches. Our leaders dedicate their time to ensure that each squad member not only fulfills a quality outcome but also their personal goals for their careers.

TV Lab

It is no secret that watching TV is in a state of constant redevelopment and those who are not adapting to the new technologies and ways of thinking will be left behind. To embrace these challenges, we have established an agile tribe called ‘TV Labs’.

Within TV Lab, experts in user experience, digital strategy and OTT platforms are working together in an agile setup with end-to-end responsibility to deliver the best next-gen TV and music products to millions of customers.

Core Systems

Core Systems develops and maintains the heart of our system landscape – the applications that manages our most important assets: the customers & their products. We work with a multitude of technologies & vendors, and with both agile and more traditional methodologies. We are developers, testers, project managers, architects and more – all working together to bring products & services to market, in close cooperation with the business.

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Maria Djurhuus
Digital Recruiter
Mads Braüner Lauridsen
Digital Recruiter
Anders Lyø Pedersen
Digital Recruiter