YouSee Digital First

Working together to create a best-in-class user experience for new and existing customers to buy and service their products online and from our mobile apps

An empowering environment that fosters creativity

We have organized our Digital Tribe based on a whole new way of working, empowering our teams to really own what they work on

  • Co-located squads working truly agile
  • Multi-disciplinary squads with full-stack skills
  • Clear mandate to redesign end-to-end journey
  • Iterative development based on MVP
  • Early involvement of customers

Our people


Product Owner

Nitin’s team Onboarding works with the customer journey from an order is placed and until the first bill. The team’s aim is to improve the digital customer experience.

The most important task for Nitin as Product Owner is the ability to formulate a vision and a strategy for the team. It means to maintain the overview of his team’s progress:

I still focus on the customers but I have broadened my horizon. Now, I understand the complexity of IT solutions, too. Merging IT and business creates an intense and agile dynamic where all members participate in the problem solving to build the best digital solutions for our customers.


Journey Expert and Chapter Lead

Amalie has worked at YouSee since her time at the university. Currently she works as both Journey Expert and Chapter Lead at YouSee’s Digital Warehouse.

As Chapter Lead she has the responsibility for her fellow Journey Experts. Besides her managing role, Amalie is regular member of a team or “squad” as well. Her role in the squad Guided Help is very clear:

As Journey Expert, I dig deep into the data in order to analyze how we optimize customer journeys. Applying data insights and raising questions are key to improve the customer experience, which is at the center of everything we do.


Digital Designer

After Bo graduated from School of Design in Copenhagen, he worked at a watch company and as freelancer before joining YouSee. As Digital Designer, he is particularly fond of the agile work style:

Being part of YouSee’s Digital Warehouse is a dream scenario for every Digital Designer. We are in the beginning of a digital journey where we are empowered to create and implement great solutions for our customers.

When he needs competent feedback, he can either discuss a task with his cross-disciplinary team or he seeks advice from other in-house Digital Designers.

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