Business Digital First

The Business tribe aims to create a digital native sales and service experience for our corporate customers.

How the tribe works

Full empowerment for our squads – with minimal organizational layers

Full delivery responsibility – with cross-functional expertise

Physical co-location

Squads of 8-10 T-shaped developers

End-to-end squads – not just application development

Make impact – deliver features every 4 – 8 weeks

The customer is in charge – we focus on outcomes

100% full time dedication of squad members

Fail fast & learn

Celebration of craftmanship

as key driver

The business digital first tribe is fully dedicated to create an impeccable digital user experience for our business customers.

Our process

Zero Based Design

Our squads gather around the whiteboard to brainstorm around ideas to realize the squad goals. The different ideas are prioritized and selected for further detailing.

Prototype Ideas

Our UI/UX teams develop clickable mockups and prototypes which are tested with our customers. Customer feedback is essential to further improve our prototypes.

Write Code

Our squads implement the final mockups into code during 2 week sprints. We launch new features often to quickly identify customer feedback.

Measure impact

Our squads are all about impact, the performance of our new releases are measured through a predefined set of squad KPIs (both business and technical).

Technical setup

Java Backend


React Frontend

Tribe roles

Our tribe works with cross-functional squads with talented people from our business and IT organization.

Product Owner

Our product owners are owning the vision of their squads and setting the squad priorities in order to deliver impact to our customers.

Scrum Master

The scrum master is responsible for removing impediments for team members to allow them to focus on their work. The scrum master facilitates the scrum ceremonies.


Developers are implementing user stories in Sitecore, HTML, React of Java. They participate actively in shaping implementable user stories.


UI/UX designers create beautiful user interfaces. They actively engage with customers and collect feedback through mockups and prototypes.

Interested? Reach out to one of our recruiters!

Maria Djurhuus
Digital Recruiter
Mads Braüner Lauridsen
Digital Recruiter
Anders Lyø Pedersen
Digital Recruiter